A few questions you might have:

Who are you?

I'm Nate; I do a couple of zines called Pick Your Poison

and You Idiot, which you can check out here: www.pickyourpoison.net I also play in a band called Rivethead. That's about it web-wise

What is this?
Right now this site lists zine distributors, stores, and libraries in an effort to provide an aid for people who make zines (note: the word "zinester" is annoying and fucking stupid, so I'm not going to use it anywhere here. 'People who make zines' is gonna have to suffice). I'll probably expand it to include other stuff eventually, but those are the main resources for now

Why the fuck did you do this?
Well, I've been putting out zines for awhile now, and I always had a hard time finding places to sell them at. This was mainly


to the shittiness of my zines, but also to the lack of a definitive, updated list of places that would possibly carry them. So I decided to compile such a list, and I figured I might as well throw it up on the web so other people can use it too

What is the Distros Section all about?
The distros section is broken down into four sections, as follows:

---Big List: A list of all the currently active zine distributors I know of along with a brief description of each of them. Also includes info on when they started, when they were last updated, how many zines they carry, what types of zines they carry, any other pertinant information, and a link to their website. A further explanation on how this information may or may not be useful:
the start date: A distro that started in 1979 is obviously a little more established than one that opened shop last month, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out the new one. I've had bad luck a couple times with brand new distros that flake on you and sort of fade away soon after opening, probably realizing, "Gee, fielding orders for stapled sets of xeroxed pages is not quite as glamorous as I envisioned!" or something. But I've also had good luck with other recent start-up distributors, so it can go either way. Generally speaking, though, you can usually feel a little more comfortable with a distro that's been around for awhile.
last update: I dunno, this one doesn't mean a whole lot and I'm not 100% sure why I included it. However, if a distro hasn't updated their website in six months, you might want to get in touch and make sure they're still around before you send a copy of your zine, or place an order. So it might be useful in that sense.
Keep in mind that if I get lazy and only update this site twice a year, this information will be extra meaningless.

about: A brief explanation of what the distro is all about. In most cases, I just copied a line or two from the distro's own page. Usually they say what sort of zines they're looking for, what their "mission statement" is, shit like that. In all cases,
if you go to their actual site, you’ll be able to get a more detailed look at what they’re all about, as well as how they want you to submit your zine, whether they do wholesale or consignment, and so on and so forth.
number of zines: Another category that may or may not mean anything.
The number of zines a distro carries could mean they’re a larger operation, or maybe just that they accept any sort of crap submitted to them. Who knows?

---Simple List: Just that; a simple list of all the distros, sans the descriptions and other info. Easier if you're just looking to browse or whatever
---Hiatus: Distros that either say they're currently on hold, or haven't updated in a really long time (ie, since mid 2003 or so). I made this a seperate section because there's a lot of them, and it makes sense to keep them apart since most of them aren't taking any submissions or orders while they're on hold, and therefore aren't that useful to someone shopping around their zine. That being said, the section is still worth checking out because oftentimes they'll come back up soon enough. And if you see a distro here that actually belongs in either the main or defunct categories, shoot me an email and I'll move it accordingly.
---Defunct: Distros that are, as far as I can tell, kaput. If I'm wrong, email me and I'll fix it

What's the Stores section about?
It's a list of stores that carry zines. Pretty straight forward. I'm definitely missing a shitload on this, so drop me a line if you know of any others. There isn't as much detail in this section as there is with the distros, mainly because many of them don't have websites and most that do don't outline their zine-carrying policies. So instead I've just included names and addresses, and websites where applicable. You're best bet is to write them a letter and send a copy of your zine, or to just stop in if you live nearby.

What's the Libraries section about?
A list of zine libraries and colleges/infoshops/whatever that host zine libraries. Keep in mind that these pretty much all work on a donation basis, so if you're looking for a place to "carry" your zine and compensate you for it, look at the distros section.

Why "Zine Street"?

Shit, I dunno. It was kind of hard picking a name. "ZineDistros.com" sounded stupid. Besides, you keep seeing this trend of bigger and bolder with magazines like "Zine Nation" "Zine World" "Zine Solar System", and probably, somewhere, something painfully dorky like "Zine Multiverse". I figured I'd downscale and head the opposite direction. Initially I was going to go further the opposite way and name it ZineGutter.com, but in the end I thought Zine Street sounded better.

I do a racist, sexist, and homophobic zine. What are my distribution options?
You're pretty fucked

What else will this site have eventually?
As soon as I figure out how, I’m going to add a comments and rating feature for each distro. That way people who have used or ordered from each one can offer some feedback. Because – to be honest – a handful of these operations are pretty lousy, and having a feedback option will help sort the gold from the shit.

What are some other good zine sites?
Other places worth checking out:

Zine Resource Community
Distro Kids
Zine World
Grrrl Zine Network

The Stolen Sharpie Revolution book has lists of distros and stores, as well as tons of other articles related to putting out a zine. You can get a copy from Microcosm.